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Desire to leave the city

Uppdaterat: 24 juni

Right now i am living in the city. Against my will and against better judgement.

It is 9 to 5, it is a confined office space and it is far from the earth, far from how we were all meant to live.

The Blue Mountains in Jamaica, where I stayed at 25
The Blue Mountains in Jamaica, where I stayed at 25

I have my own projects on the side, and in time I will tell you all about them. You will also see my face in time. When I am where I need to be.

Wanting out of the rat race is a sensitive subject. Many are dreaming about it. Few are talking openly about it.

I am from a small town, with the forest right behind the house. I am not used to crowded places. Not made for them. As of today I live in Stockholm Sweden. Yesterday four people were shot in the area i lived in a couple of years ago. We are having enormous problems with rising gang violence here in Stockholm. But I would lie if I said that has anything to do with my desire to leave. It really doesn't. I just need out, for my health and sanity.

Yesterday I read about a Jamaican woman who had left the USA after 26 years and moved into a simple shack in the mountains of Jamaica. And I completely understand her. I would love that simplicity.

And when I was 25, that was my life. At least for some months. I met a jamaican man who lived just like that. And I thought that life style would be a much bigger part of my future than it has been, at least so far. Today I am 42 and saving money monthly, to go back to the hills in Jamaica.

I have a deep core dream and that is to leave the city, for good. If I will do it for a 100 year old cabin in the Swedish woods or a rustic shack in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, I do not know yet.

But we will see.

You are welcome to follow along on my journey.

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